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Special Measures COVID 19

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Due to the COVID 19 events, we do everything possible to ensure your safety and that of our staff. 
We ask you to inform us of the time of your arrival in order to arrange checks in and to bring protective masks for places where the barrier distance cannot be respected. Wearing a mask will be mandatory for travel to the property. Hydroalcolic gel will be offered at reception for each entry into the property.
Masks will be on sale at the hotel.
The restoration will be proposed and arranged in accordance with the gestures of barriers as well as the accommodation. In the restaurant: hydroalcotic gel at the entrance of the restaurant, distance of 1 meter between tables, direction of traffic for breakfast with portioned products, wearing mask for the room staff, 
In the room, the rooms will remain unoccupied for 24 hours between departures and new arrivals. The cleaning will be provided with virucides Civid 19 products. Hydroalcoolic gel will be placed on each floor with elevator.
 The heated pool will be open unless instructed otherwise by the government. The sunbeds will be arranged in respect of distance. The shower will be mandatory before swimming and the maximum allowed will be 10 people in the pool. The outdoor and indoor Jacuzzis and hamman will remain closed this summer.